Animal Illustration


Animal Illustration

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Have your pet or beloved animal illustrated into a world of nonsense and whimsy. Perfect for the most wonderful commemorative pet illustration you might hang, or for a unique gift.

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Animal Illustration is a sponsored service offered to bring your animal into this world of creative curiosities. The options are outlined in more detail below, but please understand I (Jack Brutus Penny) retain copyright of all works and you (the sponsor) can display and enjoy the pieces freely but not distribute for financial gain or otherwise without my consent.


Digital Illustration

For the digital illustration photos of your beautiful pet or gorgeous beloved animal must first be received. As much as possible, a variety of high quality photos is required to work from so that the animal's unique character can be captured. Inspirational sources are then researched, such as this stunning woodblock print by Utagawa Kuniyoshi dated 1845-1846. First a compositional study is created, then details around the animal are drawn to make sure it is depicted accurately and well. Following that bold shades are added and finally details and pattern work, with small intricate and playful designs such as the Japanese style fish on the arm here, and the balls of cotton wool patterning the bottom left corner of the armour. 

The final digital illustration is sent to you by email.


Paper Illustration

For the paper illustration you receive everything as outlined in the digital illustration sponsorship package, in addition to the paper print. The illustration will be printed on traditional Japanese washi paper with gold flecks, the series is produced and examined by a Japan based, family run printing house. Each piece is stamped with Jack Brutus Penny's personal signature Japanese style stamp. This whole process is the same as that which is used for in our limited edition prints and gallery display pieces.

Paper size 31.5cmx23cm (12.4"x9")
Illustration size 21.1cmx13.6cm (8.3"x5.4")


Gold Leaf Illustration

For the gold leaf illustration you receive everything as outlined in the digital illustration sponsorship package and the print illustration sponsorship package, as well as the application of traditional gold leaf. 


Framed Illustration

For the gold leaf illustration you receive everything as outlined in all packages above (Currently not including the gold leaf), and to top the piece of it is professionally framed. The frame is an Italian crafted gold decorative frame that perfectly matches the gold washi paper. Though we strive for environmentally friendly practices, the frames are crafted and shipped directly from Italy. The frame and paper create a warmer sunlit feel and the decorative designs mirror the subtly humorous nonsense of the character and the world being crafted. This is the same framing process and frame design series, made in Italy, that is used to frame our limited edition prints and gallery display pieces.

Please note frames are ordered upon purchase and so take time to receive and package to meet our standards. 

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We strive to create an environmentally friendly business model. For details on our packaging methods please click here and scroll down to the relevant information.

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