What do you do?


I work as an English teacher, writer and illustrator in Japan with a degree in Psychology, but consider myself a creative of sorts. So this day I might be writing a fairy tale about the fletcher's daughter, and the next I might be drawing a paper parrot.


What do you write or illustrate about?


I write and illustrate nonsense. The absurd is never of trifling importance to the imagination, and in fact, the more senseless it is, the more senses it invokes. It seems nonsense can be even more fantastic than fantasy, yet oftentimes more engaging and poignant than contemporary news telling.


Why nonsense?


I find nonsense comes quite naturally to me. Possibly because I have a good grasp of imagination and an even worse grasp of how to communicate it. It also helps that I'm a dyslexic living in Tokyo, so I've forgotten half my English, and the other half I could never spell.


Who inspires you?


From Lewis Carroll’s Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland to Bruegel’s series of allegories there are many creatives that capture something special, that depict worlds unseen yet still describe the world we see everyday. In terms of life and career it is fair to say my mother, as a business woman, entrepreneur, painter and writer, influenced me a fair bit.


What are you working on now?


I am constantly working on a consortium of pieces, but at the moment; a collection of short stories, an illustrated animation of the ocean, and a novel. 


Have unanswered queries?

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