A Twisted Tongue

If twisting this tongue is too tricky, touch the title and tell me.

In a more than animated game of Dominoes it had become apparent to most, though not all when some simply insist on being slow to pick things up, especially the Snail who was having trouble budging his domino tiles at all, that there were far too many pieces in play than there should be. In fact, half the pieces in play were kitchen tiles with dots and spots painted on them. And one of them was actually just the Woodlouse curled up to look like one dot, which admittedly had been played quite ingeniously. When it got to the point that punched movie tickets and stones were laid down, the room began to break into a holler. 
‘You can’t lay that! What is it?’
‘Why not? It’s a bone.’
‘Well, you picked the wrong bone. It looks more like a straw. In fact, it is one of my straws. My last one!’
‘It is not!’
‘Quiet!’ Hooted the Owl, twisting its head all around and over the place to make sure everyone knew that they were included in the command. ‘Everyone touch cheeks, and we will see who is cheating!’

'Teach each to touch cheeks to check chatting cheats.'