Riddle Me Something

I've you've a clue, then good for you and click the title too.

I tell you where your neck should bend,

But care! I killed your next best friend.

So take two geese, their goslings too,

And see where next I'll vanguard you.

Despite my risks, to use me yearn,

For how else would you learn?

'Well that mosling is simply precious.'
'What in the stars is a mosling?'
'Why, that baby moose.'
'Confound your gibberish.'
'Well, what do you call a baby moose?'
'...Indeed...that mosling is simply precious.'


Riddle Answer Curiosity


Riddle Explanation
but care! I killed your next best friend - curiosity killed the cat. The dog is claimed to be man’s best friend, though at least in a US survey as of 2007 about ten million more cats were kept as pets, possibly due to the higher number of multi-cat households. So if anything, the cat must at least be our second best friend.

so take two geese, their goslings too - to take a gander, or a look or peek.