Well I suppose here then should go one of the oldest influences in my life.

As Granddad developed into the man he became, he learnt one thing; 'You see, it's absurd,' he continued as no one was listening, 'now you can't even call a young girl toots, or give sweets to children in a park. I love watching children and listening to them play, why shouldn't I give them sweets?' He stopped and realised I was more preoccupied touching the cat's paw as it slept than listening to how one should be able to give sweets to children, again. 'I'd have called you buster, and your sister toots, no problem, you see.' 'That's great Granddad,' said the cat standing up and calling me to fill its milk bowl. But actually, I did think it was. Great. He's not wrong, just old. And if Granddad's are good for anything, it's being old. When I develop into a Granddad, I think I will do old very well. I already dislike modern music.