The Ice-Bucket Challenge (A late entry)

I was challenged by my sister to do the Ice Bucket Challenge long ago. I thought instead of letting what I made go to waste, some might be interested to see where I got to when I ran out of time (and patience with iMovie).

Production stopped as I couldn't work out how to put text to the video, and the challenge had ended. The text that was meant to be added is as below. I am supposed to be speaking.

My sister Ruby nominated me to throw cold water on my head
For ALS, a neurodegenerative disease, a good cause, so, ‘sure,’ I said.
I see too many videos of celebrities saying: ‘I’ll do the Ice Bucket Challenge, I ain’t no punk’.
Indeed the purpose of it is to show one’s grasp of double-negatives and that, blimey, you’ve got spunk.
So as an illustrator and nonsense writer, I made this video. Mind, not to self-promote.
I will also be donating, though to the local temple in my town that keeps community afloat.
And if you would indulge me, give me a little time and space,
I wrote a poem that I call, The Bear and Boniface


The Bear of strong and grizzle made,
Yet mild mind and heart of cotton,
Fell down, fell Ill, and into clutches,
Body tart, and heart gone rotten.
When caught, it fought, but lost the fight.
The Boniface, they note the snare,
But they just sing,
They all just sing
Of the weak strong broken bear.

I'll name my inn, says the first
Yes name my inn, the second graced
I'll change my inn, the third proclaimed,
Name it The Bear and Boniface.
They praised and raised their glasses up,
How much you truly feign to care.
But they just sing,
They all just sing
Of the now forgotten bear.

Till one day, sad and sullen moped
Into the town a downbeat cub
Who timid asked why they all sang
And why the Bear's named to each pub.
At this unhappy hour gone
It's fine to sing, this story share
But don't just sing,
Help, learn a thing,
And most of all, recall the Bear.


Throwing icy water on yourself only helps if you learn a thing from it, and most of all, recall why you do it.

- ancient proverb, probably.