Riddle Me Mobile

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I'm mobile, move, or rather pulled,

No autome but soon filfulled

Of criminals, for I'm a paddy,

Not the field but more a caddy,

Fix their me, they've lost their ways,

Now circle me to see more days!

'A paddy field?'
'No, no, well I don't think it's a field of paddies. I think you better check an English English dictionary.'


Riddle Answer A Wagon


Riddle Explanation
a paddy wagon - police car.

fix their me, they've lost their ways - to fix someone's wagon - get even with someone. Teach them a lesson.

now circle me to see more days - circle the wagons! (Prepare defences - from western movies, when being a attacked a wagon master would shout it then the Conestogas and prairie schooners would form a circle to make a barricade.