Riddle Me Toothless

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My toothless mouth is open wide;

No tongue, but stomach sits inside.

A hungry stomach lined with dirty

Money mine, spend disconcertly,

Burning through my stomach wall,

'Till out of me you fall.

'I'll tell you what's disconcerting. A toothless mouth! That's what.'
'I can think of far more disconcerting things. How about an empty bowl of porridge?'
'Why would that be disconcerting? That would simply be disappointing.'
'Well, is it still a bowl of porridge if it's empty? Can you even HAVE an empty bowl of porridge?'


Riddle Answer A Pocket


Riddle Explanation
a hungry stomach lined with dirty money mine - to line one’s pockets and to accept dirty money both refer to accepting bribes.

money mine, spend disconcertly - pocket money.

burning through my stomach wall - to burn a hole in one's pocket, or to have money you want to spend.

‘till out of me you fall - to be out of pocket, or out of money.