Riddle Me Pomp

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I am a stand that holds atop

A sunlike pomp that duly drops,

Though I can't move, I'm off in huff

And after you I, er, might ruff-le

Feathers, as I sound the same, 

A baby-post, or so they claim.

'So you are pomp?'
'Well no, I hold up the pomp. But I suppose that makes me pomp, does it not?'
'I always thought you were. I was just asking what you thought.'


Riddle Answer A Stalk


Riddle Explanation
though I can't move, I'm off in huff - to stalk off in a huff.

after you I, er - a stalker.

feathers, as I sound the same, a baby-post, or so they claim - stalk and stork are homophones, and storks bring babies.