Riddle Me Life

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I coast through life,

They see-me, strife

You are me and a fool to be

The aeroplane is much like me

In wings but fists wherefore

Above the law.

'I think a lot of things coats through life.'
'I know at least one that isn't the answer to this riddles.'
'Is it a tea coaster?'


Riddle Answer A Gull


Riddle Explanation
I coast through life, they see-me - a chiefly coastal seabird of the family Laridae, often called seagulls.

strife you are me and a fool to be - a person who is commonly fooled.

the aeroplane is much like me in wings - a gull wing is a bend in aircraft wings resembling the wings of gulls.

fists wherefore above the law - Steven Seagal, an American actor, director and martial artist. His film debut was in Above the Law.