A New Age

Dear All,

Welcome! So this’ll probably take a little trial-and-error and getting-use-to but I’m glad to have you here - the functionality is a little lost from the community channel but the switch shouldn’t be difficult as this is Disqus powered. 

Only I can make posts here, but you are free to comment on my posts with content, riddles of your own, puzzles and brain teasers. 

I don’t know if I can ‘recommend’ posts so I’ll probably try to set up a schedule (at least once a week). Also here I don’t think there’s a week deadline so comments can continue indefinitely - I believe. But I know from experience it can be hard to know when someone has replied to an old post of yours, so don’t be offended if someone doesn’t respond and you can always politely remind them.

As with the channel, I won’t sensor or monitor much, but I never had to as we’re here to enjoy ourselves and stretch our minds. But please remember that not only is this available to anyone from all over the world and of any age, but also this is now on my business website - so I may have to be firmer if someone posts content that could damage my name/work/business.

And, as we flesh out how the community will use this blog, feel free to make suggestions and discuss (disqus?) with me possibilities to improve it.

That’s all for now, so let’s get started with an original riddle I write as I’m waiting to begin my first class. 

I measure a symbolic time,

A period defined, and I’m 

A mixed up name for what you hear

With-in me commonly’s two thousands years.

Try not to peek until you’ve thought long and hard and given your guess below (spoiler blocks apply as always)!


Riddle Answer An Era


Riddle Explanation

‘I measure a symbolic time, A period defined’ - a literal definition 

‘and I’m A mixed up name for what you hear With’ - an ‘ear’

‘With-in me commonly’s two thousands years’ - the common era (now 2,019 years young).


Comments including your own content are always welcome but even if you’re a lurker, a simple hello or comment on how devilish my riddles are is appreciated as it lets me know how many are watching.

I look forward to this new age with you! And do invite friends and family to join us here too!

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